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American software maker Intuit Inc. has gained worldwide popularity for its two great accounting software called Quicken and QuickBooks. These two popular accounting and financial management software are ideal for various individual as well as commercial purposes in all parts of the world. Quicken is known as a personal finance software whereas QuickBooks helps small and medium-sized business enterprises manage and organize their business finances easily.

When it comes to managing individual and business finance in a never before way, both the software make a real difference and help their users manage their money and get complete financial solutions with instant access anytime, anywhere. Both the accounting software can be run on Mac desktop, online and phones.

Why Quicken for Mac 2016 for personal money management

Quicken from Intuit is a complete financial software for staying on the top of spending and bills and taking smart investment decisions. Checkout why the latest version of Quicken matters the most with the following benefits:

·         Quicken 2016 for Mac helps you manage your money easier than ever.

·         Pay bills, upgrade from Windows, enjoy reliable downloads, and take expert product help.

·         Save time and get better control of your money with Quicken’s new and improved features.

·         See and track bills all in one place and pay them on time from right within Quicken

·         Free QuickBooks phone help for setting up and upgrading all new features of the software.

·         Transfer money between different accounts within your banks.

·         Enhanced trustworthiness and accuracy of bank downloads and transactions

·         Transfer funds from savings accounts to checking accounts and enable transaction download with the concerned bank account.

Quicken products: Quicken Starter, Deluxe, Quicken for Mac, Rental Property Manager, Premier, and Home & Business. Users of all these products can face some unexpected issues without any prior intimation. Common problems and issues make you take Intuit Quicken for Mac support:

·         Mac update installation crashes Quicken Mac.

·         Quicken bill payment and registration issues.

·         Quicken Mac and Mobile Sync issues.

·         Quicken 2016 for Mac downloading from banks and brokerages issues.

·         Converting Quicken Mac to another Mac version.

·         Quicken mobile app and subscription service issues.

·         Cash and credit card transaction issues.

·         Converting Quicken windows data file to Mac version.

·         Converting Quicken Mac data file to Quicken Windows version.

QuickBooks for Mac 2016 to manage corporate finance

QuickBooks online for Mac features help you track everything in one spot, get paid faster, and get anytime, anywhere access. Specially-designed for your Mac, the accounting software lets you enjoy its special features and control all common tasks and workflows. In the same manner, QuickBooks desktop for Mac features are directly related to the creation of invoices and track sales; billing time and expenses; and track all crucial and updated information in one place. Following are some of the striking features of QuickBooks for Mac 2016. These include:

·         Quicker launch time and better performance.

·         Convenient resizing of columns on invoices, payments, sales receipts, etc.

·         Print directly on envelopes and easy process to fill out timesheets.

·         Instant overview of orders, expenses and payments in one place using Expense Tracker

·         Create budgets for upcoming fiscal years and track progress for achieving financial goals.

·         Saving of time by batch-importing invoices, payments, and bills.                               


·         Create shortcuts to move around the accounting software faster.

·         Keep information on customer, vendor, and transaction at your fingertips.

·         Display of all income-producing transactions in one spot.

·         Quick reports on top sales performers, employees or vendors. 


·         Adjust sales tax paid to your account and invoice multiple customers.

·         Reconcile QuickBooks data with bank statements and invoice for projects in phases.

·         Download bank and credit card transactions directly into QuickBooks.    

·         Minimization of errors and control access to sensitive information.

·         Find data in the Customer, Vendor, and Transaction Centers
·         Locate accounts, invoices, customers and other information with just a keyword in QuickBooks Search.

·         Track sales, sales taxes, and customer payments              , and create and print deposit slips.

·         Print checks, pay bills, and track expenses.

·         Track inventory, set reorder points, and create purchase orders.             

·         Manage payroll and payroll taxes; accept credit and debit cards.

QuickBooks is a great tool for a variety of business types, including independent contractors, professional and field services, retail business, e-commerce business, and non-profit organizations. Various QuickBooks products, including QuickBooks Self-Employed, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks for Mac, QuickBooks Payments, QuickBooks Payroll, and QuickBooks Point of Sale, make things quite easy for the users of the accounting software.

Common problems and issues make you take Intuit QuickBooks for Mac support:

·         QuickBooks unable to load the license data and can’t initialize the license properties.

·         QuickBooks file is not opening due to corrupt data files.

·         The company file on a Linux server is not accessed.

·         Network data or transaction log file is damaged.

·         File already in use is damaged or not supporting.

·         Company file not saved in the hard disk of a server where QuickBooks database server manager runs.

·         Conversion of Accountant's cope transfer file (.QBX) into Accountant's copy (.QBA).

·         Files are not opening due to internal database errors.

Bring the best out of accounting software with tech support

Availing instant and user-friendly Quicken Mac tech support and QuickBooks for Mac tech support from reliable resources and independent tech support providing companies is a great way to manage both individual and business finances in an effective manner. Both Quicken and QuickBooks tech experts and professionals for Mac know how to manage personal finance of the people who are using both the software on their Mac computers.

With timely and user-oriented tech support, you can save your precious time from being wasted on the loss of productivity. Simply dial a Quicken or QuickBooks tech support phone number and get connected to a Quicken technical support team that has the right authority to take your system on remote and resolve all issues instantly.

QuickBooks and Quicken technical support offers you protected screen-sharing, result-oriented-action, customized support plans, and assistance from subject-matter-experts via a technical support and help center.

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