Thursday, 31 March 2016

4 Workarounds to Run QuickBooks for Windows on Mac

It is no surprise to know that more and more people are switching over to Mac operating system because of its advanced features and technology. They find it more comfortable and convenient to meet day-to-day operation. But when it comes to managing accounts and financial transactions through QuickBooks on Mac, the users don’t find some of functions workable on the operating system.
Although QuickBooks for Mac appears to have much of the same feature what QuickBooks for Windows offers, yet it lacks some important functions that a Mac user can’t avail on Mac platform.
But you should not worry about at all, because QuickBooks technical support from independent companies can help you run QuickBooks for Windows on Mac OS.
Here are some important functions that QuickBooks for Mac doesn’t offer:
It doesn’t offer a sync manager, web connector, or QuickBooks SDK
It doesn’t support inventory assemblies
QuickBooks tech support for Mac has made it easy for the users to take the accounting software for Windows to Mac machine without any technical problem. They offer accurate workarounds to help you to manage every beat of financial transaction in your business with increased accuracy.
Here are four functional processes to run QuickBooks for Windows on Mac computers with the utmost ease and convenience:
Virtual Machine:
Virtual machines let you use other OS software on your Mac computer. It seems as if you have another computer inside your Mac machine. And it plays a great role in running QuickBooks for Windows on your Mac smoothly without any technical constraint. 
It offers you three types of different views that you have on your Mac computer:
Full screen view
Unity view
Single-window view

Boot Camp:
Boot Camp is an application, which is offered on your Mac computer. It permits you to set up Windows without any technical constraint. Once you complete the installation procedure, it gives you an option to choose the operating system before loading the BIOS setup. With Boot Camp application, you can easily use QuickBooks for Windows on Mac computer.
In case of any technical problem, you can go for expert QuickBooks help for Mac and get all types of technical issues resolved easily.
Remote Desktop:
Just like Virtual machine application, Remote Desktop allows you to work on QuickBooks without sacrificing the comfort offered by Mac OS. If you have a Windows computer, you can connect it with your Mac machine through remote desktop and get the task completed without any technical hurdle.
Cloud Hosted Solution:
If you have a plane to run Windows on your Mac computer but your computer is not fast enough to run two operating systems smoothly, cloud hosted solution would really be the best option for you.

No installation is needed on your side, because third party cloud service provider will look after your requirements.  

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Best Antivirus Apps for Mac Customers

Computers have efficiently changed individuals’ lifestyle, but they are always prone to virus interference. As their value is increasing a proper protection for them is also required consistently. A virus can interrupt into a PC through any data storage device which carries infected data and it gets in touch with the system. If your system is connected to a network, chances of virus imposition become very high. Virus infections are the most frequently found issues on Windows home PCs and laptop these days. Internet security is the most admired protection software presently available in the market. If your Mac system is infected with antivirus technical issues, then you need to immediately call on Apple Mac scan virus removal.
Mac customers are realizing that their systems are becoming vulnerable to virus attacks and so proper Mac antivirus software is required.  Many antivirus apps are available in the market to protect your Mac against various virus infections. If you are in search for Technical Support for Mac Antivirus, then you should dial on a customer support number. With this number, you will get directly in contact with right Mac expert technicians. A technical expert will provide technical assistance for-
• Appropriate configuration settings of your PC
• Audit security settings for your personal computer
• Scheduling of regular scan and other security features
• Increased level of security from hijackers and protection of sensitive and personal   information

Many antivirus apps are available to shield your system against Mac associated malware. Let’s have a quick review of antivirus software for your PC-

Avast: It is good software for antivirus protection; it stands on safeguard against Windows and Mac threats on your Apple machine. Mac-Technical-Support.Com

Bitdefender: It will scan your Mac and also your attached devices. Bitdefender uses both heuristic and signature detection.

Kaspersky: With assistance of Kaspersky, you can quickly scan your Mac for OS X, Windows, and even Linux threats too. Apart from this, it also helps in keeping your system safe while browsing the web.

For further antivirus app assistance, you can dial on a customer support number. With this number, you can acquire more apps solutions for Mac antivirus. If you are looking for more software reviews, then you should visit a company website. Now, customers can easily utilize antivirus apps for their Mac, with right technical assistance. For more help regarding Mac protection you can contact customer support number. 

Monday, 28 March 2016

MacBook (2015) vs MacBook Air (2015): Which one is best for you ?

MACBOOK VS MACBOOK AIR: both the editions of apple's laptops have been available in a market, but which one is best for you?

Once the lightest and most versatile portable PC in Apple's processing weapons store, the MacBook Air has to some degree taken a secondary lounge subsequent to the incorporation of the much more slender, lighter and by and large more awesome 12-inch MacBook.


In any case, that doesn't mean you ought to in a split second release the MacBook Air. Truth be told, in numerous utilization cases it's still the most engaging tablet Apple offers. The restoration of the MacBook line may be all-singing and all-moving, however it has its impediments particularly in case you're utilized to a gathering of ports.


Things being what they are, which portable workstation ought to assume pride of position in your sack or around your work area? How about we have a more intensive look.




The MacBook Air packs to a greater degree a punch in the force office than the MacBook, that is positively reasonable to say.


That is on the grounds that the new MacBook is the primary Apple portable workstation to utilize Intel's Core M processor. This chip is energizing for various reasons, generally on the grounds that the fanless outline will guarantee no irritating humming commotions bother your work. Discarding the fans implies portable PCs can be littler and lighter and Apple has truly brought to that mantra with the new MacBook.


You'll have three CPU decisions with regards to picking which MacBook is a good fit for you, a 1.1GHz, 1.2GHz or 1.3GHz adaptation. Each of these, in commonplace Apple style, can be utilize the Turbo Boost highlight, pumping the paces up to up 2.4GHz, 2.6GHz and 2.8GHz individually.


We've been exceptionally inspired with how the Core M handles OS X, generally. Unless we attempted to alter 4K video, or play concentrated diversions, we never kept running into any issues. Searching, spilling HD video, fundamental photograph altering were all finished easily.


The MacBook Air nows packs Intel Broadwell processors, so it has enhanced force administration and marginally quicker speeds than some time recently. All the MacBook Air models accompany the 1.6 GHz Core i5 as standard, however in the event that you're searching for something a little beefier, you can move up to a 2.2 GHz Core i7 for £130.


4GB RAM is standard in all cases for the MacBook Air range, yet for an extra £80 this can be multiplied to 8GB, while the MacBook appears to just arrive in a solitary 8GB arrangement.


Gaming on a Mac has strikingly enhanced as of late with more diversions being made accessible through Steam and the Mac App Store, however neither of these machines are going to match an all around specced PC with regards to execution and design. The MacBook's Intel HD Graphics 5300 card is beaten by the Intel HD Graphics 6000 adaptation inside the MacBook Air, yet these incorporated design are no match for the MacBook Pro range. Technical Support Number for Apple MacBook Air




Both the MacBook Air and the MacBook have conveyability at the bleeding edge of their outlines and the screen size choices reflect that theory.


Dissimilar to the more work area bound MacBook Pro, the two models we're taking a gander at here don't arrive in a 15-inch adaptation, so in case you're after a ton of screen land you're best off looking somewhere else.


The MacBook Air is the main model of the two which really gives you any decision about the span of the presentation, giving you a chance to pick from the 11.6-inch or the 13.3-inch model. Both are exceptionally versatile, however the littler impression of the 11-inch model makes it an extraordinary pick in case you're moving a ton, investing most of the energy writing or skimming. It can regularly feel somewhat confined for much else genuine. The 13.3-inch form sacrifices that down right modest, slip into any sack size, however the bigger showcase implies things aren't quire so fiddly.


In case you're searching for a greater showcase in a littler size, the MacBook might simply be the ideal decision. The one presentation size alternative sits directly between the two Airs at 12-inches, however the general impression is much nearer to littler of the two Air models. The best of both universes, we say.




While we have a lot of love for the MacBook Air, our office is loaded with them, there is one territory that we can't feel frustrated by, and that is the presentation.


In this present reality where 1080p HD is the standard, iPhones have had Retina Displays for a considerable length of time and we've even gotten our hands on a couple 4K portable workstations, the ordinary 1,440 x 900 (1366x768 on the 11-inch variant) determination on the MacBook Air feels somewhat antiquated. This isn't to imply that the polished LED-illuminated presentation is awful thusly, in light of the fact that despite everything it brags great shading range and adequate review edges, yet as far as point of interest it is beaten by all comparably value portable workstations.


What's more, it's unmistakably not the size which constrains the Air, since Apple has figured out how to make its most slender ever Retina Display particularly for the new MacBook.


With a 2304x1440 determination and 226 pixels-per-inch, in addition to the 16:10 angle proportion, the showcase on the MacBook beats that off the Air is verging on each zone. Seeing points are far superior, subtle element is wealthier and in case you're somebody who watches a considerable measure of media on your tablet you'll see the distinction promptly.




You'd believe that a portable workstation called "Air" would be the lightest framework on offer, keeping in mind that was the situation for a long time, the most recent MacBook is really lighter than the Air.


Mac's most slender portable workstation ever tips the scales at only 0.92kg, that is a decent hit lighter than the littler MacBook Air 11-inch (1.08kg) and significantly more pack neighborly than the 13-inch form, which comes in at 1.35kg.


Presently, even the 13-inch Air is lighter than any of the MacBook Pro range, so despite everything you're getting a portable workstation that is anything but difficult to convey about throughout the day.  Tech Support Number for MacBook Pro


Alongside the being lighter, the MacBook is additionally slimmer than the Air, decreasing to a thickness of only 1.31cm instead of 1.7cm. Be that as it may, unless you're truly tight on space, you most likely won't see much contrast here, both the portable workstations, particularly at the front, are razor dainty.


In case you're on your feet for the duration of the day, continually conveying your tablet, then lighter is continually going to be better and considering the MacBook packs a decent hit of force, without giving up screen space.




Magnificent battery-life is an absolute necessity for these ultra-convenient gadgets. You need to have the capacity to throw it in your sack, leave the cumbersome charger at home and not need to stress over connecting it to until you return home toward the day's end.


The MacBook Air is the nearest we've come to seeing this fantasy transform into a reality. Apple claims you ought to get 12 hours of juice before it bites the dust and amid our testing we appear to concur. That is formally 'throughout the day' battery life. In case you're pushing the tablet with heaps of video altering and gaming, you'll see a precarious drop-off yet it's still one of best portable PCs out there with regards to battery life.


While the MacBook can't coordinate the Air - it has a littler battery and necessities to power that super high-res show - despite everything it inspires. We could get somewhere around eight and nine hours before going after the USB-C charger, which is still a lot of time spent in an edge of Starbucks.


On the off chance that magnificent battery life is one of your most asked for elements, we'd propose going for the MacBook Air.




This could be a major issue.


So far we've been singing the commendations of the MacBook. It has a high-res show, fanless Intel M chip and it's the most slender and lightest portable workstation Apple has ever delivered. However, to accomplish the wonderful new plan a few things should be relinquished. Strikingly, ports.


In any case, before we get into the ports, or scarcity in that department, on the MacBook, we should investigate what network choices you need to play with on the MacBook Air.


On either side you have a USB 3.0 port, flanked on the left side by the MagSafe charging point and an earphone jack and Thunderbolt 2 port on the left. The 13-inch form likewise has a SDXC card opening, yet this is absent from the littler model. It's not the most port-overwhelming machine going, but rather for a large portion of us we can manage. Technical Assistance for MacBook


The MacBook then again is an alternate story, totally. In the event that you've been taking after the arrival of Apple's most recent tablet you'll likely definitely realize that as opposed to including a large group of ports for information, power and screen yield, it highlights a sole connector as an afterthought that is accustomed to everything, alongside an earphone jack.


While at first look it may look like Apple has taken the Lightning port from the iPhone and iPad and popped it on the MacBook, it is actually a USB Type-C connector.


While we've secured this energizing new port top to bottom in a different piece, the short form is that this USB connector (taking into account USB 3.1) can do everything that huge number of different ports can. It can charge and power your tablet, yield the presentation and exchange information. We believe it's what's to come.


It's a reversible fitting as well, much the same as Lightning, so you can stick the link in whichever way and it'll work.


The issue here however is that Apple has gone from all to nothing in one swoop, rather than keeping only one normal size USB connector around; similar to Google has finished with the most recent Chromebook.


Having a solitary port is constraining, without a doubt. Need to connect to your camera? You'll require a connector. Charge your portable workstation and your telephone in the meantime? Connector. Associate your iPhone? That is correct, you got it. Obviously, Apple offers a lot of these frills - they're expensive - however in the event that unquestionably ruins the effortlessness of the gadget. 

Follow Five Easy Steps to Speed Up a Mac

The main spot I like seeing a volley ball is at a shoreline or in a stadium amid a ball game or show. The one spot I slightest like to see an inflatable ball is on my maturing MacBook Pro, where the turning volley ball has turned into a through and through excessively well known a sight. In the event that your Mac has turned out to be frustratingly moderate, there are various ways you can speed it up once more.

Before you participate in any upkeep, I would ask you to take alert and move down your information. For Macs, it's simple: get an outer drive and run Time Machine. With your Mac's drive naturally went down, you might continue.

1.      Replace your Mac hard drive with a SSD

Moving from a customary turning hard drive to a strong state drive (SSD) is the absolute best thing you can do to enhance the execution of a maturing MacBook. Take after Sharon Profis' guidelines on the best way to redesign your MacBook Pro with a SSD. You'll be stunned at that it is so natural to do as well as at the tremendous effect it has on execution.

2.      Include more memory (RAM)

While you have your MacBook opened to supplant its hard drive, take the chance to include more memory. Like the supplanting a hard drive, including more memory is a clear, basic procedure.

In the first place, you have to locate the right kind of memory for your particular MacBook model. The brand doesn't make a difference much, simply make sure to purchase the appropriate sum, sort, and speed. Apple has a helpful bolster page that demonstrates the memory determinations for an assortment of models, alongside a delineated manual for supplanting the memory.

For my situation, my mid 2011 MacBook Pro has two DIMM spaces, each of which is possessed by a 2GB module. Since I don't have any free spaces, I should supplant those two modules with two 4GB modules. I require DDR3 memory with a velocity of 1,333MHz.

In the wake of finding the right RAM for your MacBook, take after the photographs underneath to introduce the new memory. Mac-Technical-Support.Com

3.      Clean your Mac's hard drive

Here and there, all your MacBook needs is an information tidy up. Throughout the years, you've most likely jumbled your Mac with documents and applications you no more utilize or need.

Uninstall old Mac applications

To begin, how about we look in the Applications and Downloads envelopes. On the off chance that there are applications in there you can't introduced, chances are you can live without them. Move them to the Trash to recover some hard-drive space.

There are documents connected with each application you introduce, in any case, and they are abandoned when you essentially move an application to the Trash. Since Mac OS X doesn't have an inherent uninstaller, AppZapper can uninstall applications and the related documents.

Tidy up applications regardless you utilize

Next, how about we tidy up the applications you are keeping. When you introduce an application on your Mac, the bit of programming touches base as a feature of a bundle of documents, including consents that tell OS X which clients can do what things with particular records.

After some time, these consents can get changed, bringing about your Mac slacking, solidifying or slamming. Repairing these circle consents, in the most essential terms, adds up to reshuffling and re-managing these authorizations with the goal that they come back to their legitimate spot. To address this, OS X has an implicit device called Disk Utility that does only the trap. Customer Contact Support For Apple Tech Service Number
Discover which applications are utilizing the most assets

On the off chance that your Mac demonstrations like it needs a rest each evening, when you are at the tallness of multitasking, there is a simple approach to see which of your open applications is utilizing the most framework assets. Open the Activity Monitor.

The numbers are continually fluctuating, yet they demonstrat to you the measure of CPU and memory assets each application is utilizing. In the wake of viewing the Activity Monitor for some time toward the beginning of today, I see that Firefox for the most part takes up more CPU assets and more than triple the memory assets. Maybe it's the ideal opportunity for me to relinquish Firefox and use Chrome only. Additionally, I found that the slow iTunes isn't about the asset swine I thought it was. My statements of regret, iTunes.

Erase enormous, unused records

Since you've given careful consideration to your applications, it's a great opportunity to take a gander at the records jumbling your drive. You can utilize Finder to scan for enormous documents. To do as such, open Finder and select the volume you'd like to hunt. Next, pick File > Find (or hit Command-F). Click on the Kind draw down menu and select Other. At the point when the Select a pursuit characteristic window opens, check the case for File Size, uncheck some other boxes, and snap OK. Change the "equivalents" pull-down menu alternative to "is more prominent than" and afterward change KB to MB. Enter a base records document size, for example, say, 100MB. You can then erase any records that appear on the rundown that you no more need - or move them to an outer drive in any event. Mac Product Support Phone Number

4.      Lessen login things

On the off chance that your Mac is moderate to boot up, the issue might be that there are excessively applications, making it impossible to open at startup. It's presumable you never set them to dispatch at startup - they dispatch as a matter of course.

Go to System Preferences > Users and Groups and after that tap on the Login Items tab to see a rundown of the applications that open when you boot your Mac.

Highlight the applications you would prefer not to open at startup and snap the short sign catch beneath the rundown of applications.

5.      Keep current with OS X

Apple discharges new forms of OS X as free redesigns, so there is no reason not to stay current. New forms of OS X contain execution upgrades and security enhancements to keep your Mac running easily and securely.

Check in intermittently with the Updates tab of the Mac App Store for OS X redesigns, and don't overlook notices of overhauls that are prepared to introduce.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Learn How To Connect Macbook Pro To A HDTV

Watching Internet shows, movies, playing games, conveying presentations, and many more is a great fun specially when you do all these things by connecting MacBook Pro to a TV. At the first instance, it seems odd, but it is possible with addition of some cost to your pockets. With MacBook Pro connecting a TV, it is really easy and cheap.

Installation Equipment Needed

An HDMI Adapter Cable for your MacBook Pro that helps in connecting a HDTV, audio data, and pass video to the machine. A high definition cable to clip an HDTV to MacBook Pro. It can be a High-Speed HDMI Cable. MacBook Pro Charger is another collection to your list. Go for computer speakers if you have a MacBook Pro with no HDMI audio. You also need to collect an external keyboard and handy mouse. Reliable support for MacBook Pro can help you easily connect MacBook Pro to a HDTV.

Then you need to stick to some special instructions that include:

·        Switch on MacBook Pro and TV or external display.

·        Connect the Mini Displayport Adapter into the mini display port.

·        Plug the HDMI Cable into the Mini Displayport adapter and into HDTV, monitor, or projector as well.

·        Turn on the proper video input with the help of your TV remote.

·        Go to System Preferences > Displays to ensure if external display is on the correct resolution (1080p for most HDTVs). You also need to un-check the "Mirror Displays" option if necessary.

·        Finally, click on "Arrangement" and on the White bar given in the smaller blue display box which is also visible on Mac Book's LCD screen. Then drag the bar to the larger blue screen that will take you to the OS X menu bar. Finally, close the "Displays" menu.

When it comes to using MacBook Pro and TV in Single Display Mode optionally, you will find that your MacBook Pro goes into sleep mode by default when the lid is closed. Consequently, it will turn off the signal to your connected TV. Connecting MacBook Pro charger, an external keyboard, and mouse to MacBook Pro can help you prevent your MacBook Pro from sleeping. Mac-Technical-Support.Com

Using MacBook Pro on a TV

Once everything is set, you can easily enjoy the following:

·        Play games in full high definition

·        Watch movies fullscreen with the help of DVDs, Netflix, or Amazon Instant Videos.

·        Watch internet TV from Hulu, YouTube, and more.

·        Use media streaming applications.

·        Play iTunes and FrontRow in fullscreen visualizer mode.

·        Get more screen space for using programs.

·        Display Powerpoint or Keynote presentations.

To enjoy all these things interruptedly, you can also take help from an Apple Macbook pro customer service number that easily connects you to Macbook pro help desk.

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Apple Hints At Data Corruption on Latest MacBook Pro with Firmware Update

Cupertino, California-based leading technology giant Apple Inc has issued its Macbook Pro users a warning about on the possible problem with the laptop which is likely to cause severe data corruption. The tech giant has also released a firmware update in order to fix the problem on Macbook Pro which is related to flash storage component.

The 15-inch mid 2015 range Macbook Pro with Retina display model seems to be the clear victim. “The 15-inch mid 2015 range Retina model is affected, with corruption occurring in "rare cases" affected," says the company. Apple Support Services for MacBook Pro is being offered by Apple for instant help so that you can get rid of the issues. Apple issued a warning after thousands of Macbook owners raised a voice for action over stains that are being appeared on the retina screen of the laptop. Apple technical customer service phone number for Support

The issue is seen as serious one for the Mac users whose Pro have lapsed warranties or protection plans. They are worried about paying the expensive service fees after they perceived stains spreading across the screens of their MacBook Pro versions. It is quite clear that once the warranty or guarantee period gets expired, Apple users need to bear the cost of all charges that are incurred for maintenance and repair jobs. Warranties or protection plans help users get freedom from spending huge amount of money.

It is reported that the firmware update from Apple on the latest model is not being seen as a big threat. “However, the firmware update on the latest model does not sound like a major problem at the moment,” says Stuart Miles, who is the founder of gadget news site Pocket-lint. "It's not like a massive product recall in the same light as a car that has a faulty brake," he declared in his statement to the BBC. Interestingly, the newest 15 inch Macbook Pro is the leanest and lightest laptop version to date. Apple Mac Helpline Phone Number

MacBook Pro users having the same issues with their apple machines can contact MacBook Pro HelpDesk at Apple support center to have an instant and effective solution. If users find it hard to avail instant support from Apple’s own help centers, they can also get in touch with independent tech support providing companies in order to avail support services for MacBook Pro. With independent tech support providers, Mac Pro users can get freedom from data corruption issue on latest Macbook Pro with a paid remote tech support service at an affordable price tag.

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800-786-0581 Learn Useful Quicken Troubleshooting Tips to Avoid Problems Quicken Data Files

Though the technical issues found with data files integrity are commonly diagnosed, it is truly a severe issue with some important tasks such as preferences, customizations, and interpreting the data files.
Whether you are using Quicken Intuit for Mac or Window operating system software, it is always exposed to some common technical issues, including problems with data file integration.     
While working on Quicken accounting software, you perhaps look for not only precise and accurate information about the way you avail of the software, but also some troubleshooting tips. Because the software is designed based on a set of algorithm, there is an increased possibility to have such program malfunctioning due to virus attack.
Quicken mac technical support appears to be an ultimate way to resolve all types of technical hurdles easily and quickly. Some independent companies are offering round the clock technical support that can be accessed at any point of time. 
Here are some important troubleshooting tips that you can use to avoid such issues in case you encounter any type of technical issues.
When the issue takes place, common reasons may comprise of unacceptable way to shut down the computer system, power breakdown, hardware malfunction, to name a few. Technical mac help
Symptoms of the technical issues may include:
·        Group or numbers incorrectly linked in the reports while all report settings are accurate.
·        Dates misplaced from reports whilst all report setups are right.
·        Lost groups or tags.
·        Unable to assign categories in divided deals.
·        Data file support that cannot be repaired.
Once you identify the symptoms mentioned above, you should instantly go in touch with a reliable independent technical support provider who can make you resolve the issues quickly at affordable cost. It is perhaps not viable to access instant Quicken support from Intuit, as it doesn’t have any mechanism to provide such services.
What you should do is to dial Quicken support numberand find an experienced professional.
If possible, the most functional solution is often to create a backup file of the data that was stored before the problem took place. You should make sure you are working on the latest edition of Quicken software.
Whatever you are experiencing while working with Quicken accounting software program, you should instantly reach out to experienced professionals who can understand the issues and apply appropriate troubleshoots to correct the problems.
You get a functional support phone number that takes you to a right professional. Dial the number and get the problems with Quicken data files resolved. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

800-786-0581 Apple’s new beta updates for its operating systems

World’s leading technology giant Apple has released new beta updates for all of its operating systems.Have a look at what Apple has new in its bag in the form of new beta updates for its OSs.

iOS 9.3 developer beta 4

When it comes to new striking features for new updates, iOS 9.3 developer beta 4 has a new system-wide Night Shift mode feature that has the ability to automatically adjust color display colors on various Apple devices—iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. When users enable this mode, the colors start changing to the warmer end of the spectrum and get back to normal in the morning. With this feature, it makes you get rid of the stark bright blue light. Moreover, setting a password or Touch ID is another feature that is used to open the Notes app and set personal notes to protect passwords. The deep press on the Settings app icon offers a shortcut and supports Wi-Fi Calling for Verizon customers.

OS X 10.11.14 developer beta 4

With the support of Live Photos, OS X El Capitan 10.11.14 version of developer beta 4 allows you to take moving images with the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Before it, users could only view Live Photos on the Mac via the Photos app. Moreover, the option of sharing was restricted to iCloud Photo Sharing. The new update also renders support for making the Notes app password-protected. In addition, uses of Mac will be able to conveniently import data from note-taking apps. Apart from all these stunning features, it is likely that OS X 10.11.14 update will embedded with a new version of iTunes.Apple® Mac El Capitan OS X Technical Support

watchOS 2.2 developer beta 4and tvOS 9.2 developer beta 4 are other software update for Apple Watch and Apple TV respectively. The former software for Apple Watch gives the Maps app new features to help you launch the Maps app and navigate your destinations instantly. The latter software updates clearly incorporate various iOS elements for organizing apps into folders and switch between apps. And this switching can be made possible with a redesigned app switcher.
As the official versions of iOS 9.3 and OS X 10.11.14 are set to launch somewhere in Apple’s March event, it is likely that Apple users will try their best to incorporate the new updated features in their existing Apple machines. Moreover, they need to search more information on new features and their usage in Apple products. Apple customer support from right resources can make a difference to their needs and wants in an effective manner.

800-786-0581 Save your old Macs from being dumped into trash can with Adroid-based Remix OS

In the past, it was heard that there was CloudReady software, a free software, from a New York City startup Neverware that convertsused and discarded PCs, Mac desktops, and laptops into high-performing “Chromebooks”.Now, there is something even better that involves Android OS for saving your old, slow Mac or Windows computer going in trash can. Thanks to software company Jide Technology for announcing the release of Remix OS for PC Beta: The productivity-oriented version of Android.Mac phone number support

During the MWC 2016 meet in January, the software company declared a beta version of Remix OS that will be available for use on March 1, 2016 that will complement with a new dual-boot support. With this beta version, you will be able to run both Android and OS X or Windows on a single machine. Remix OS comes with several PC productivity features—advanced file manager, multiple floating windows, true mouse and keyboard support for Android app ecosystem. The users of the free software can run Android apps and games with special features of MacBook or old Windows machine. The new software is a fit option for apps and games, including Clash of Clans, Facebook, and Microsoft Word.Technical Mac® OS X support for all Mac OS X

David Ko, Co-Founder of Jide Technology, explains: “Thanks to the support and feedback from our generous community, we’ve been able to speed up the development of the Beta version. Now with OTA software update support, users can begin to rely on Remix OS for more daily activities without the worry of a new update wiping their data. This update will help us to charge towards the eventual stable release later in 2016.”

Interestingly, Andorid-enabled Remix OS comes with support for Google Play store, ensuring that maximum apps within your PC or laptop will work smoothly. Now, the software company will allow you to conveniently turn your old 32-bit PCs into Android computers.Remix OS has the ability to run PC-optimized versions of Android with some stylish and enhanced features a Windows-like user interface, advanced file manager, and mouse and keyboard support.

All old Mac users can get rid of all major and minor Mac issues that prevent them from getting the best out of their machines with Mac technical support from reliable resources. With a team of tech experts and professionals, a trusted and reputed independent tech support providing company offers right tech help support so that you can save your old Macs from being dumped into trash cans.