Thursday, 31 March 2016

4 Workarounds to Run QuickBooks for Windows on Mac

It is no surprise to know that more and more people are switching over to Mac operating system because of its advanced features and technology. They find it more comfortable and convenient to meet day-to-day operation. But when it comes to managing accounts and financial transactions through QuickBooks on Mac, the users don’t find some of functions workable on the operating system.
Although QuickBooks for Mac appears to have much of the same feature what QuickBooks for Windows offers, yet it lacks some important functions that a Mac user can’t avail on Mac platform.
But you should not worry about at all, because QuickBooks technical support from independent companies can help you run QuickBooks for Windows on Mac OS.
Here are some important functions that QuickBooks for Mac doesn’t offer:
It doesn’t offer a sync manager, web connector, or QuickBooks SDK
It doesn’t support inventory assemblies
QuickBooks tech support for Mac has made it easy for the users to take the accounting software for Windows to Mac machine without any technical problem. They offer accurate workarounds to help you to manage every beat of financial transaction in your business with increased accuracy.
Here are four functional processes to run QuickBooks for Windows on Mac computers with the utmost ease and convenience:
Virtual Machine:
Virtual machines let you use other OS software on your Mac computer. It seems as if you have another computer inside your Mac machine. And it plays a great role in running QuickBooks for Windows on your Mac smoothly without any technical constraint. 
It offers you three types of different views that you have on your Mac computer:
Full screen view
Unity view
Single-window view

Boot Camp:
Boot Camp is an application, which is offered on your Mac computer. It permits you to set up Windows without any technical constraint. Once you complete the installation procedure, it gives you an option to choose the operating system before loading the BIOS setup. With Boot Camp application, you can easily use QuickBooks for Windows on Mac computer.
In case of any technical problem, you can go for expert QuickBooks help for Mac and get all types of technical issues resolved easily.
Remote Desktop:
Just like Virtual machine application, Remote Desktop allows you to work on QuickBooks without sacrificing the comfort offered by Mac OS. If you have a Windows computer, you can connect it with your Mac machine through remote desktop and get the task completed without any technical hurdle.
Cloud Hosted Solution:
If you have a plane to run Windows on your Mac computer but your computer is not fast enough to run two operating systems smoothly, cloud hosted solution would really be the best option for you.

No installation is needed on your side, because third party cloud service provider will look after your requirements.  

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