Monday, 21 March 2016

Apple Hints At Data Corruption on Latest MacBook Pro with Firmware Update

Cupertino, California-based leading technology giant Apple Inc has issued its Macbook Pro users a warning about on the possible problem with the laptop which is likely to cause severe data corruption. The tech giant has also released a firmware update in order to fix the problem on Macbook Pro which is related to flash storage component.

The 15-inch mid 2015 range Macbook Pro with Retina display model seems to be the clear victim. “The 15-inch mid 2015 range Retina model is affected, with corruption occurring in "rare cases" affected," says the company. Apple Support Services for MacBook Pro is being offered by Apple for instant help so that you can get rid of the issues. Apple issued a warning after thousands of Macbook owners raised a voice for action over stains that are being appeared on the retina screen of the laptop. Apple technical customer service phone number for Support

The issue is seen as serious one for the Mac users whose Pro have lapsed warranties or protection plans. They are worried about paying the expensive service fees after they perceived stains spreading across the screens of their MacBook Pro versions. It is quite clear that once the warranty or guarantee period gets expired, Apple users need to bear the cost of all charges that are incurred for maintenance and repair jobs. Warranties or protection plans help users get freedom from spending huge amount of money.

It is reported that the firmware update from Apple on the latest model is not being seen as a big threat. “However, the firmware update on the latest model does not sound like a major problem at the moment,” says Stuart Miles, who is the founder of gadget news site Pocket-lint. "It's not like a massive product recall in the same light as a car that has a faulty brake," he declared in his statement to the BBC. Interestingly, the newest 15 inch Macbook Pro is the leanest and lightest laptop version to date. Apple Mac Helpline Phone Number

MacBook Pro users having the same issues with their apple machines can contact MacBook Pro HelpDesk at Apple support center to have an instant and effective solution. If users find it hard to avail instant support from Apple’s own help centers, they can also get in touch with independent tech support providing companies in order to avail support services for MacBook Pro. With independent tech support providers, Mac Pro users can get freedom from data corruption issue on latest Macbook Pro with a paid remote tech support service at an affordable price tag.

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