Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Macbook Pro 2016 To Be Thinner And Lighter

Apple is known to produce a wide variety of MacBook that can be easily carried anywhere. Among these MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is the latest manufacturing that was released in the year 2015. Now, again Apple is going introduce latest MacBook Pro this year with the latest innovative and customized features. Now, you can find MacBook Pro to be thinner. You all must be shocked, but you should not because it can be happen. Here, you can clear your confusion by dialing a toll-free number of an tech customer support for MacBook Pro.
According to some reports and Apple discussions forum, it has been heard that MacBook Pro 2016 will be thinner and lighter. It’s really shocking as they have touch id and bunch of OLED at the top of a keyboard. This will come with both 13-inches and 15-inches model. This will be featured with USB C and Thunderbolt 3. It is also supposed to come with touch ID sensor and OLED mini screen that can be changed as according to an app. It will also feature new Intel skylake processor.
This MacBook Pro design will be featured with exotic technologies. It will have an illuminated touch controls with IP related key display. Apple has used low butterfly thickness mechanism to have light weight and minimum thickness. It has AMD’s new 400 series graphic chips. You can consult some certified online expert support for MacBook to have complete structure and specification of this new MacBook Pro.
Its’ Touch ID perfectly support it that can enable Apple pay, online payments with a support for third party app. If possible, Apple could display some notifications across new control strip when a Mac users need to work in full window working mode. It also provides space to add new Apple button through a software update. This will save you from having an expensive update. There are many other technologies that may come with this Apple laptop to amaze you in a great way.
These are few features that have been gathered through various reports. However, if you want to have more information then you can dial an Apple technical support number to have all updates for this MacBook Pro 2016. You may also visit their official website to have updates and technology for this upcoming MacBook. So, just have patience and wait for innovative introduction of this new technology

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Facing Windows 10 Running Issues On Your Mac? Get Fixes Here

Parallels is one of the significant software that makes the users run two software at a time on a system. It has become a very important part for Mac users, as they can easily run Windows OS with Mac OS X that enables Mac users to enjoy Windows application on its’ virtual machine. With all of its great and amazing features, there are also certain situations in which users’ gets an error while using Windows. However, with Parallels technical help phone number for Mac users can have all errors solutions that they face with Windows on Mac.
Recently many Mac users have reported for some errors on Windows 10 installation. This error appears as ‘Windows 10 will not run on this PC’ that happens due to Parallels display adapter. This error usually appears while trying to reserve free copies of Windows 10 which happens because of compatibility issues with Parallels display adapter driver. In this situation, users can either have a online support for Mac for Parallels or can also go through this article post to have a solution for this error. So, let’s have a look at that solution procedure:
•    If you are using Parallels desktop 10 for Mac, then you need to check that whether you are running updated version of Parallels desktop 10 or not, as the previous version of desktop 10 do not support Windows 10.
•    Check for all updates in your Windows virtual machine. If any update is pending, then update it and gain try to make installation of Windows 10 from ‘Get Windows 10 app’.
•    Download upgrades tool files which are compatible with your Windows as according to 32-bit and 64-bit version.
Before Windows installation, you also need to make sure that you have at least 2GB of RAM in your system. For checking virtual machine configuration you need to open configuration menu>Hardware tab>CPU & memory. And to increase your memory you need to shut down your virtual machine.
•    Now, you need to run your downloaded files and then need to go through the instruction to upgrade Windows 10.
•    Once, the upgrade is completed then you need to shut down your virtual machine and rename it.

With all these above shown steps, you can easily get rid of error ‘Windows 10 will not run on this PC’ and could successfully upgrade Windows 10 on your virtual machine. However, if you are still facing error then you can dial a Parallels technical support number.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Puzzled to choose? MacBook Air Vs MacBook Pro

Apple is known to produce a varied range of notebook among which MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are the major notebooks. MacBook again launched after a long term that is after 2011 and then 2015. Now, this MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are again coming this year with more advanced and innovative features. There are large numbers of Apple fan who are eagerly waiting and confused to choose the best MacBook. Here, they can have support number for MacBook Air or MacBook Pro to know about the best laptop as according to their need. MacBook expert will help you to choose the best upcoming Apple laptops.
MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are soon to release this year, so before its’ release, it’s significant to know that which upcoming laptop will be best as per your need. You can dial a toll-free number of support phone help for MacBook Pro and technical help for MacBook Air to choose the best one. However, you can also go through this post to decide the best Apple laptop as per your need. Let’s go through that:
Dimension and weight specifications
 MacBook Air has been always light-weighted while Pro is somewhat heavier than Air. Both of these models have a thickness of 1.8cm. Now, its’ 2015 model has lighter weight as a comparison to the earlier version. Its’ 13-inch MacBook Air weight is same as 2015 model. If you are curious about new MacBook, then it is supposed to come with the weight of 0.92 Kg with dimensions 28.05 cm * 19.65cm and thickness of 0.35cm to 1.31cm.
Power and processors
There is a great difference between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro as according to the SSD and RAM. In terms of processor, Air laptop has 1.6GHz and 2.7GHz for Pro Laptop. They have a processor of Intel’s Broad well ranges and this processor is now to launch codename Skylake. Now, the new processor is supposed to come with Turbo Boost up.
Battery life
MacBook Air battery is more advanced as it can stay up to 12 hours while Pro is also capable of staying up to 10 hours. Now its upcoming version is supposed to come with more advanced battery life.
Thus with all these features you can easily choose the best MacBook as per your need. However, if you want to know more about upcoming MacBook, then you can dial an Apple technical support number to know about complete features of upcoming MacBook.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

QuickBooks Online banking Issues Solution with Mac

QuickBooks is really an innovative accounting programs which is globally used by many of the Windows OS and Mac OS X users. Like Windows users Mac OS X users also gets trouble while using this innovative accounting software. So, its’ users can also acquire a Mac instant tech support for QuickBooks  as Windows users and could have complete solution of QuickBooks issues. Recently some Mac users have complained about online banking issues with their QuickBooks software.
If you utilize online banking for your business, then you can easily access your banking transactions with your QuickBooks software. Here, you can easily import credit card and bank transactions. You can add or match you transaction in your back or other financial bank account register. However, when you cannot do any of these activities, then it becomes difficult to have a proper accounting management. Anyway one can easily obtain solution either with the help of a technical support phone number for QuickBooks or you may also follow this article post to have solution of banking issues with Mac.
Steps to have online banking issues resolution:
First you need to create test company file
·        Select File, and then click on New File.
·        Write test file name and click on Save.
·        In create new company wizard fill all the requirements and click on Finish.
·        Add account that was getting error.
·        Setup online banking for this account.
·        Download all transactions to have testing of your accounts.
Create new account and combine it
Combing account helps to find the actual reason of online banking issues for which you can follow the steps as shown below:
·        First, go to the chart of accounts and choose edit >edit accounts.
·        Enter an asterisk sign after the end of name.
·        Now, click on online settings and click on not enabled.
·        Click two times on OK and then go back to chart of an accounts.
·        Now, create a new account.
·        Enter a name with asterisk sign and click OK.
·        Now, close and again open your company file and go to list>chart of accounts > choose account with* sign>Edit>Edit accounts.
·        Remove * sign and click on OK.
·        Click Yes.
·        Setup online banking and download transactions for new merged accounts.
With these methods you can easily have resolution of your QuickBooks online banking issues with your Mac. However, if you are still receiving banking issues on your Mac then you can dial a QuickBooks technical support number. For more information visit

Monday, 19 September 2016

Altering The Apple Id Password On The iPhone –The Process And Support

Your Apple Id is quite important as it is the fusion of the Apple email address as well as a password. This is crucial as far as the linkage of i0S phone, tablet as well as the computer services together is concerned. On any Apple product, you will have to enter the Apple Id password and also when it comes to various types of purchases on the Apple Store. On the iPhone, you have the option to alter the Apple Id password. In case, you have forgotten the Apple Id password, you can reset it.  
One thing you should understand is that the change of the Apple ID password is quite different than altering the passcode on the phone. As an alternative, in case you feel so, you have the option to call on the technical help phone number for forgot Apple id. From the Apple experts, the guidance is guaranteed.
Altering the Apple Id password-
You need to go to the iPhone and then open the Setting application. You can find this application on the home screen and has the resemblance with the grey gear. After this, you can go to the option iTunes and App Stores and then scroll down. Further, you need to tap on the option.
On the top of the Window, you will get the option named Apple Id and can tap on it. Now you can tap the option View Apple ID located in the ensuing window. By this option, you can enter Apple Id password.
Entering the Apple ID password:
This is the similar password you used for logging into the Apple services like the App Store or the iTunes. On the screen top, you will find the Apple ID option and need to tap on it.  By doing this, you will straightway move to the official page of the Apple ID account.
With the help of Apple Id email address and the password, you can sign in the Apple Id account. For proceeding to your account, you can tap Go on the keyboard.
If you feel so, you have the availability of the technical support for Mac as well for your convenience.
Further, you can tap on the security tab and there will come a menu with the questions related to the security.  In the respective fields, you need to type the replies to the security questions. By this, you can approach the security tab and from here, can alter the password. Tap on the option named Change Password. In the pertinent fields, you need to put your present password as well as the new password. You can update the information with the platforms.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Want to Remove Virus from Mac? Here’s a Solution

MacBook has always been on the top position for years when the most secured gadgets are considered. It is designed in such a way that you will hardly find any inconvenient execution while using the machine. But the flawless and perfect execution can only be ensured until MacBook doesn’t have any technical problem. Yes! It may sound unusual, but the truth is that nothing is immune to technical hurdles. Over the period, every machine and software can develop technical glitches due to one or another reason.
Your MacBook is also exposed to some sorts of technical problems – and Mac viruses are the most possible threats that can happen to your MacBook at any point in time. No matter how protective and powerful antivirus program is in place to ensure safety to your Mac, you should always be aware of contemporary and sophisticated viruses that may put your Mac on standstill unnecessary.
While it is not a perfect time to use your own techniques at the time of malware infection, you should immediately contact a third-party technician who can offer you a reliable technical support number for QuickBooks Error 1904 in a while. Some independent technicians are offering their expertise without eating up your valuable time. To keep your reliable machine in a good condition, you would better avail of the quick support so as to fix the problem easily.
When it comes to categorizing the types of viruses on Mac, most of them are of adware character. A number of adware programs are in the ambient and many are anticipated to get into the Mac computers. The most common form of the adware threats is Safari pop-up that appears every time whenever you open the web browser.
If you want such unusual and unwanted malicious items removed from your Mac computer for always, you should immediately get in touch with an expert by dialing toll-free Mac customer support phone number. 
As the experts believe, this is somehow one of the most critical challenges for Mac. If ignored, the virus may steal some important information from your computer system.
The cyber goons design such pop-up advertisements in order to incite the users and instruct them to visit or to download some specific items from the internet. Once you click any website link, the virus spreads across the hardware and software in your Mac. So get such challenges removed from your Mac with the help of reliable technical phone help for MacBook from certified technicians.

Before choosing a particular support service provider, make sure you are selecting a right professional.     

Monday, 12 September 2016

How to resolve OS X EI Capitan Installation Issue?

OS X EI Capitan replaces OS X Yosemite with its' amazing and innovative features as Apple Mac OS X. Apple soon to release macOS Sierra, as the thirteen major operating system of Mac this year. But, before its release, EI Capitan is the latest OS which is being in use by a large number of users. This latest OS X is bringing lots of joy to the users, but at the same time, it is also creating lots of bugs. Here, users frequently need to call a toll-free number of a technical customer help for OS X El Capitan.
After the release of this latest OS X, there have been five updates to resolve varied bugs. Among all updates, 10.11.5 is the latest one which is considered as its stable version. Even with these five versions updates, there are still many of the issues that users are facing. Users can dial a toll-free number to have a technical phone support for Mac OS X Update so that they can have latest update with complete resolution.
EI Capitan initial versions have created a lot of trouble to users, thus if you have still not upgraded your OS X with this latest versions, then you immediately need to upgrade so that you can get rid of most of the issues. However, OS X EI Capitan creating issues like freezing, hanging and more. This specifies that it would not have been upgraded properly. It may also be because of the presence of some apps in the background. Here, you need to make clean installation for which you need to follow the procedure as shown below:
•    First, save all the documents which are open and then restart your Mac.
•    After restarting your Mac, you need to quit all the apps.
•    Now run installation process of EI Capitan.
After going through these steps, if you are still receiving trouble with your OS X EI Capitan, then you need to restart your Mac in safe mode for which you can follow the steps as shown below:
•    Restart you Mac and force it to shut down by holding the power button.
•    While you hear boot sound, just hold down the Shift key.
•    While you see grey Apple logo, just release the Shift key.
With all these ways, you can successfully get resolved your OS X EI Capitan installation issues. However, if you still find trouble with your EI Capitan, then you can call a Mac technical support number to have a complete solution for any of the Mac OS X issue.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Know About Apple Mac Mini Release Date, Update, Specs and Features

Mac mini is just like a powerhouse that includes the complete Mac experience in a 19.7 square frame. Just by connecting your own display, mouse, and keyboard you can use it in the same way as you use iMac or MacBook. This Mac mini is small in size, so it can be easily carried anywhere. Its' latest release was for OS X EI Capitan and now it is soon to come with macOS Sierra which is an upcoming Mac OS X. So, Mac mini users are too excited to know about its release, specs, update, and features. You can dial a toll-free number of an online technical support for Mac to know about Mac mini latest version to be release.
This Apple Mac Mini may launch in coming next year in 2017 during an Apple event. Apple reports that came earlier suggest that this tech giant could stop the Miniseries because of iPhone and MacBook Pro. You can have a tech support for mac mini, if you want any queries answer or help. From various reports, it seems that Mac mini device will come with a smaller design, immense RAM, Intel chipset and better graphic configuration with high performance.
This Mac mini is supposed to come with Intel's Kaby Lake processor which is a high-speed processor. If this expectation comes true to include this amazing processor, it may be that there will be a significant enhancement in overall performance of Mac mini. However, if this device launches this year, then it will come with Skylake chipset.
KabyLake processor will bring 4k video support with USB 3.1, Display port 1.2 and Thunderbolt 3. This device is supposed to thinner and smaller chassis and in terms of design it is supposed to go under major changes. With many reports, it is expected this will come with dimension same as Apple TV.
With some rumored, it has been specified that this device may be compatible with virtual reality function which may be featured with AMD’s Polaris 10 GPU for best graphics. It could have an internal storage of 500 GB and an 8GB RAM with a flash drive.
If you looking to purchase a Mac mini, then have patience and wait for some time because Apple is soon to release this Mac mini with many amazing and innovative features. However, if you are eager to know more about this Mac mini to release then you can call a Mac technical support number.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Know about Some Common macOS Sierra Issues and Solutions

macOS Sierra is soon to release this year with many of the interesting amazing features like auto unlock, continuity, Universal Clipboard, and much more. Apple fans all across the world are eagerly waiting for its’ release. But, like its’ other operating system users will also encounter a slew of issues like downloads, update, support or many other issues. However, you need not scare with its issues because Apple has provided a special support as technical help for macOS Sierra from where you can acquire complete support for this latest upcoming OS X.
There is a long list of issue that users can face while using this latest operating system. If you are eager to know about issues and solutions, then you can dial an Apple technical support number to know about varied issues and their solutions. Anyway, you can also go through this post to know about some macOS Sierra issues and solutions. Let’s have a look at it:
iTunes 12.5 not responding
If Macbook or iMac shows a white screen an Apple logo after upgrading your Mac OS X, then you can follow the steps as shown below:
•    Restart your device.
•    Start iTunes in safe mode.
•    Update iTunes with its’ latest version.
•    Turn off Wi-Fi > iTunes menu >Store >Sign out.
•    Now, turn on your Wi-Fi and again open iTunes.
•    Reinstall iTunes again.
macOS Sierra installation freezes
•    Remove antivirus software installed on your Mac.
•    Be sure that you have already created Time Machine backup.
•    Press power button and keep holding the Shift key.
•    Update software in safe mode.
•    Change wireless connection into a wired connection.
macOS Sierra unable to start after upgrade
•    Restart Mac by holding down the command Option, P, and R together to reset NVRAM.
•    Now, reset your management controller of your device. For doing this you need to shut down Mac > unplug cables from Mac > wait for some minutes and plug in cables. Now, start you Mac.
•    Boot Mac in safe mode and be sure that your Mac has at least 9GB free space.
•    Remove all third party extensions and texts that do not belong to Apple to avoid most of the problem that can happen while updating OS X EI Capitan to macOS Sierra.
These are some issues that can be resolved with your macOS Sierra. However, if you want to know more about this latest OS X issues and solutions then you can call on a Mac helpline number. Mac OS X experts will guide you about varied issues and will also suggest various ways to keep your OS X secure from any issues occurrence. For more information about mac technical support visit our website.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Common iPhone 6S Problems and their Solutions

As similar to other devices of Apple, it is also globally known for producing a line of smartphones, which are known by a common name iPhone. There are a series of iPhone that runs iOS mobile operating system. iPhone 6S is the latest iPhone that has the biggest craze among the Apple users worldwide. It innovative and amazing features have really turned the user into a fan. With a wide range of utility, there are also some situations in which users become irritated because of some troubles. However, these issues can be easily resolved by having a online technical help for iPhone by which users can have an instant solution.
There are many iPhone users who all have faced lots of bugs with this latest Apple smart phone. Thus you should have a proper support so that you can have an instant resolution. This can be possible with a online technical help for Mac. Anyway, with this article post also you will be able to know about common iPhone issues solution. Let’s go through that:
It freezes continuously
While using several apps on iPhone 6S, it sudden gets freezes. This has been commonly reported with iOS versions 9.3.1 and 9.3.2. This can be easily resolved with the steps shown as below:
•    With the lock button turn off screen.
•    Keep holding down until you see Apple logo on its screen.
•    Do a factory reset to restore your device to new iPhone.
iPhone screen is unable to get turned off automatically
•    First, go to settings>general and Auto-Lock to change the settings of Auto-Lock.
•    Reset device by keep holding sleep/wake and Home buttons.
•    With iTunes backup your Phones by going to settings>General>Reset and then Erase all contents and choose Settings.
•    Now roll back to iOS 9.3.1. In order to do this better, you have a Mac technical support.
Unable to send text and message to the contacts
•    Turn off iMessage to check whether text can be received or sent.
•    Be sure that your contacts are not added to block list.
•    Delete all the conversations with your contact.
•    Now reset your device by keep holding sleep/wake or home buttons.
Unable to import Photos
•    Be sure that you are using the latest version of OS X 10.11.5.
•    Restart Mac and try to import it again.
•    Reset your iPhone and connect to your Mac.
•    Now, turned back to the previous version to import Photos.
These are some of the issues that have been noticed with iPhone users. However, there are many other issues that can happen with it. So, with a proper support of an Apple technical support, you can have complete solutions of any of the issues with your iPhone. Read more at

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

4 Most Common Issues with Mac and Their Solutions

One of the most striking aspects of Mac is that the device functions flawlessly and people find it interesting to explore the world of Apple. But the wonders can never persist forever as your Mac can have some sorts of technical issues over the period. Every software is exposed to technical issues, so is the Mac OS X. But it must not be your concern as you can have an easy support service from experienced technicians in a real time.
With a number of certified technicians offering verified Apple Mac technical help services, you don’t need to get worried in any way. The moment when you come across any technical problem while using Mac, you should immediately access to a reliable technician who can help you find the best solution in a real time.
Not confined to Mac only, the technicians can also offer you the support service for other Apple products as well – for example you can have an easy access to reliable technical customer support helpline for iPad from expert and experienced technicians.
Here are some common issues that can happen to your Mac at any point in time:
·        Mac is running very slow
It’s not an unusual thing to find your Mac running slowly. Due to several reasons, you will find your Mac running very slowly. So to fix the problem, you should firstly check if there is any unnecessary program running in the backdrop. Launch the Activity Monitor and check which running program is eating up much of the space. Identify the memory-hogging application and stop them through the Activity Monitor.
·        Wi-Fi connection is getting disconnected frequently
In some cases, you will find your Mac having Wi-Fi connection disconnected every so often. The foremost thing to do is separating networks through the router settings. In case of any uncommon symptoms (which is due to happen), you should visit an independent technician and get a reliable technical help for Mac in a real time.
·        Mac freezes or stops working
Another common problem with your Mac, which you may possibly come across sooner or later, is frozen or unresponsive applications. Sometimes, you may find some of the active applications or windows getting frozen due to one or another reason.
·        Mac is not shutting down
Sometimes, you try to shut down your Mac after finishing your all tasks but you are no longer able to do so. In such conditions, you need not to get worried as you can overcome it easily. The foremost thing that you should follow is not to execute any forceful action, as it may damage your running applications or files.
So dial online technical help for Mac and get an instant access to an expert who can help you find the best solution at affordable cost. It’s quite convenient to access a technician if you go through his toll-free helpdesk. Once you get connected to the technicians, and then discuss every key aspect in details so that you can get an ascertained solution.

Whatever the issues, apart from these four common issues, you are coming across, you don’t delay in contacting an expert. You can simply dial the contact number and get a reliable solution easily.  Read more about How to Fix Common Apple iPad Problems at

Monday, 5 September 2016

How to Resolve Parallels Desktop Start Issue?

Parallels is a software by the help of which Mac OS X users can use Windows operating system on their Mac desktop. There are many versions of Parallels which are being utilized by a large number of Mac users as Parallels desktop. Parallels Desktop for Mac 11 is the latest version which includes support for Windows 10 and OS X EI Capitan. It is soon to release Parallels Desktop 12 for macOS Sierra. With its great advantage, there might be some situations in which users may face some troubles while using this software. But nothing to get worried about its issues as you can dial a toll-free mac technical phone help for parallels to have any type of solution.
While using this software some Mac users reported for Start issue due to which they were unable to access their Windows operating system. Here, you can dial a technical helpline number for Mac to have the solution to this issue. Virtual machine desktop gets hangs or crashes when this Start issue happens and also presents an error message while you start your desktop. The Start issue may be due to corrupted installation of this software, file permission issues of Mac OS X or may be due to firewall installation.
This Start issue can be resolved by uninstalling Parallel desktop software and again installing it. If this does not resolve your problem, then you need to follow the steps as shown below:
•    Repair complete Mac OS X files by going through the process as shown below:
Ø Open applications or utilities.
Ø Now, choose Mac OS X startup volume and then click on First Aid
Ø Click on Security and Privacy icon.
Ø Now, click on Repair Disk Permissions.
•    Now, reset home folder permissions along with ACLs.
•    Add Parallels desktop to firewall for which you need to follow the process as shown below:
Ø Open System Preferences
Ø Now, click on Security and Privacy icon.
Ø Now, choose Privacy tab and then accessibility.
Ø Enter administrator name and password in lock icon.
Ø Click on Firewall tab and then click on Firewall Options.
Ø Select Add application button.
Ø Now, choose Add and then click on OK.
With all these processes your Start issues will be resolved with no trouble. However, if you find any kind of trouble while going through these processes then you can call on a Parallels technical support number to have a fast and accurate solution. Read more at