Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Learn How To Connect Macbook Pro To A HDTV

Watching Internet shows, movies, playing games, conveying presentations, and many more is a great fun specially when you do all these things by connecting MacBook Pro to a TV. At the first instance, it seems odd, but it is possible with addition of some cost to your pockets. With MacBook Pro connecting a TV, it is really easy and cheap.

Installation Equipment Needed

An HDMI Adapter Cable for your MacBook Pro that helps in connecting a HDTV, audio data, and pass video to the machine. A high definition cable to clip an HDTV to MacBook Pro. It can be a High-Speed HDMI Cable. MacBook Pro Charger is another collection to your list. Go for computer speakers if you have a MacBook Pro with no HDMI audio. You also need to collect an external keyboard and handy mouse. Reliable support for MacBook Pro can help you easily connect MacBook Pro to a HDTV.

Then you need to stick to some special instructions that include:

·        Switch on MacBook Pro and TV or external display.

·        Connect the Mini Displayport Adapter into the mini display port.

·        Plug the HDMI Cable into the Mini Displayport adapter and into HDTV, monitor, or projector as well.

·        Turn on the proper video input with the help of your TV remote.

·        Go to System Preferences > Displays to ensure if external display is on the correct resolution (1080p for most HDTVs). You also need to un-check the "Mirror Displays" option if necessary.

·        Finally, click on "Arrangement" and on the White bar given in the smaller blue display box which is also visible on Mac Book's LCD screen. Then drag the bar to the larger blue screen that will take you to the OS X menu bar. Finally, close the "Displays" menu.

When it comes to using MacBook Pro and TV in Single Display Mode optionally, you will find that your MacBook Pro goes into sleep mode by default when the lid is closed. Consequently, it will turn off the signal to your connected TV. Connecting MacBook Pro charger, an external keyboard, and mouse to MacBook Pro can help you prevent your MacBook Pro from sleeping. Mac-Technical-Support.Com

Using MacBook Pro on a TV

Once everything is set, you can easily enjoy the following:

·        Play games in full high definition

·        Watch movies fullscreen with the help of DVDs, Netflix, or Amazon Instant Videos.

·        Watch internet TV from Hulu, YouTube, and more.

·        Use media streaming applications.

·        Play iTunes and FrontRow in fullscreen visualizer mode.

·        Get more screen space for using programs.

·        Display Powerpoint or Keynote presentations.

To enjoy all these things interruptedly, you can also take help from an Apple Macbook pro customer service number that easily connects you to Macbook pro help desk.

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