Wednesday, 17 February 2016

800-786-0581 Parallels Desktop 10 is Here, Avail of the Technical Assistance for OS X Yosemite and iCloud Application

Parallels Desktop has emerged as the biggest hardware virtualization that lets other operating system run on Mac. For example, if you want to avail of Windows at work on your Mac computer system, Parallels Desktop allows you to use all the Windows tools and applications on the Mac, eliminating your unwanted expenditure on purchasing a separate Windows computer. Mac Parallels Desktop Support From Tech Expert

Now available for the people who are currently using Mac computer system, Parallels Desktop 10 brings in a set of latest features and applications that best meet the Apple’s latest version of Mac operating system.

Here are some important features of the latest Parallels Desktop 10:

·        Mac OS X Yosemite integration, including iPhone calling facility

·        High-end support for iCloud and iPhoto Library

·        One-click feature to select several utilities so as to optimize the virtual machine based on your requirements

·        It includes advanced Parallels Control Center that is a one-stop-solution for optimizing the Parallels Desktop.

·        Now it is easier to share files, text and important information using Interaccounts.

·        It is now 48% faster to open the Windows files.

·        Now the system does have extended battery life, providing additional work time when they require. Mac Phone Support Number

Yosemite integration is undoubtedly the most important element of Parallels Desktop 10, as it has been enriched with Yosemite’s iPhone calling feature along with iCloud Drive feature. For the best use of the latest application, it has included an innovative Control Center for optimizing the virtual machine and its settings. 

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