Thursday, 26 May 2016

Impeccable Ways Reset Forgotten OS X Admin Password

Apple Mac OS X is one of the secure operating system highly appreciated by Mac users. But what do you do if you will forget or lose your Mac password? If your Mac password doesn't work, or you've plain lost it, then don't worry. In case, you have not enabled file vault disk encryption then there is an easy password reset tool that you can access simply. If you have enabled file vault encryption then you can just reinstall Mac OS X and start it again.
Resetting Lost Mac Passwords with Apple ID
This is the best approach for Mac users the only requirement that you have an Apple ID tied to a user account, and you must have a proper internet connection so that Mac can contact Apple to start the procedure. From the Mac login enter any wrong password 3 times to hint on the forgot password summon saying “If you forgot your password you can reset it using your Apple ID”… click on that option to start the Apple ID based reset. Enter your Apple ID credentials, this is the same information used to log into the App Store, iTunes, and iCloud, and then click “Reset Password”. Confirm the new password and let the Mac boot as usual.
Change the password from another account
You can change your password by using the password of any another account for the Mac which you can use to reset your Mac password. Follow these steps to reset your Mac OS X password from another user account:
·         Simply select the account of which you know the password.
·         Enter the password for that account.
·         Open System Preferences and then users and groups option.
·         Tap the Lock icon in the bottom left of the window.
·         Enter the password again.
·         Choose the account you have forgotten the password for in the sidebar.
·         Click Reset Password.
·         Now enter the new Password, Verify fields, and Password hint field.
·         Click Change Password.
In case, these steps are not helpful in changing the password, then you can take technical support to recover lost Apple ID password from a reliable technical support providing company in an eminence manner.
If this process fails then you can use the recovery mode option to restore the password:-
·         Turn off your Mac.
·         Press the power button while holding down Command-R. The Mac will boot into Recovery mode. When you see the load bar appear you can let go of the keys. It may take a few minutes to load.
·         Select Disk Utility and press Continue.
·         Choose Utilities > Terminal.
·         Enter reset password and press Return
·         Choose the volume containing the account (normally this will be your Main hard drive).
·         Choose the account to change with Select the User Account.
·         Enter a new password and re-enter it into the password fields.
·         Enter a new password hint related to the password.
·         Click on Save.
·         Reboot the system.
Now start up the Mac. You can log in using the new password. If still the problem persists and you are enable to recover the password, then dialing the toll-free Apple product customer support is the right option to opt for. The expert team of technicians provided by these companies resolves your Mac OS X password issue skillfully.
Reset Password using File Vault must be on
If File Vault is turned on, you can reset your password using the Reset Password assistant option:
·         Press and hold the power keys until your Mac turns off.
·         Press the power button to turn on your Mac.

When the Reset Password option appears on the screen then follow the instructions to create a new password and use your Mac successfully.

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