Monday, 16 May 2016

Know the Best Ways of Running QuickBooks for Windows on Mac

So finally you have decided to switch QuickBooks for Windows to QuickBooks for Mac? For this, you need to make sure that you have purchased and installed QuickBooks on your Mac computer. You can effortlessly transfer data from Windows to Mac in just a few minutes. Instead of using Windows PCs many business owners prefer Mac computers for their day-to-day operations. QuickBooks can be used to manage your inventory and accounting of business proficiently. But before installing data on your personal computer, you must know all functionalities well. A QuickBooks user should know the positive and negative aspects both while using QuickBooks on Mac. For getting reliable QuickBooks technical support for Mac, you can get in touch with certified QuickBooks expert technicians.

Let’s have a quick look for what QuickBooks for Mac can’t perform, these includes:

·         QuickBooks for Mac doesn’t provide a web connector, QuickBooks SDK, or sync manager. In addition, you can’t connect with any third-party app utilizing QuickBooks for Mac.
·         It doesn’t support inventory assemblies. It is a main feature supported in Enterprise on Windows and QuickBooks Premier.

Significantly, if QuickBooks users don’t need assemblies, then before resorting to QuickBooks for Windows on a Mac, they need to pay their attention on QuickBooks online. QuickBooks online offers the functionality which users used to see in their QuickBooks for Mac. It allows a users to unite to third-party apps that permit several customers to work flawlessly from any location.

Know how to run QuickBooks for Windows on a Mac, these include:
·         Virtual Machines
You can run another operating system on your Mac computer with the assistance of Virtual machines. This permits you to carry on using your Mac and, at the same time, run and open Windows applications.
It can run locally on your computer system.
No internet access is needed.

It is slightly difficult to use if your system has multiple QuickBooks users.
It is not recommended for PC’s over five years old.

·         Boot Camp
It is an app that comes with your Mac. With the help of Boot camp, you can install Windows natively on your hard drive.
Your computer will run fast.
Internet access is not needed for day-to-day QuickBooks utilization.

It is difficult to use if your firm has multiple QuickBooks users.
You can’t use your Mac efficiently and Windows operations at the same time.

·         Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop permits you to access a personal computer system without leaving the ease of your Mac.
        It provides little memory, CPU, and hard drive space on your Mac.
        If you already have Windows PC, then it is the cheapest solution for you.

        Most difficult and time-intensive setup
        Needs network connectivity

·         Cloud Hosted
If you want to run Windows on your Mac and don’t have a new computer, then cloud hosted solution is best for you.
Low system requirements
No need to purchase Windows or PC
Easy setup

Internet connection is must
Ongoing monthly fee

If you want to get further technical support for QuickBooks on Mac, then you have to visit an independent tech support provider which offers 3rd party technical support at a reasonable price. Feel free to call company’s professionals for having round the clock tech assistance.

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