Monday, 18 April 2016

Mac Notebook Batteries Comparison: Which Model Matters the Most

If you are looking for a new Apple laptop, there are a number of factors to judge when deciding which model is best for you? Should you buy the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? Would a lighter and cheaper model is best for you? How much battery backup support do you need from your Mac laptop?
In the past years, tech giant Apple has introduced a number of upgraded versions of all its existing products and devices, including iPhone, watch, and laptops. Users wait for the latest versions every year and if they are considering buying of a new MacBook, then there are lot of things which you have to decide for you. Although, all Apple products come with unbeatable features but few things matter a lot, like your budget, portability, and configuration of the latest Mac book series which help users to choose the right device as per their needs.
However, there are 3 major MacBook devices that come in different sizes and configurations. All 3 devices are the best examples of marvel design that comes with powerful processors. APPLE MacBook Air 13-inch is complete advanced computer with latest design and great battery life for longer use. The curves and resolution of MacBook air are comparatively lower than 12-inch MacBook device. Both the devices are well-supported by MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Experts’ Help. The experts help you in resolving all the queries related to these devices instantly.
The modernized 13-inch MacBook Air is one of the long-running laptops. It lasted an impressive 14 hours on the Laptop battery test, during this period the laptop undergoes continuous Web surfing over Wi-Fi. For more details, regarding MacBook Pro, you can simply consult to expert technicians through tech support for MacBook Pro and get quality solutions instantly.
12-INCH MacBook
Apple MacBook 12-inch is driven by Intel core m but with a low processor while MacBook Air and Pro are equipped with Intel core i5 which proffers high speed to process data and other activities. These two devices are comparatively better in terms of battery life and configuration.
Price a major factor for deciding
Apart from these configurations and technician factors, price also makes a real difference. Hence, users have to decide which one to choose according to their budget. Though all the laptops are built with latest technology and configuration and if users experience any kind of technical errors, users can simply call a toll-free Apple MacBook Air helpline number and customer support services 24/7.

For getting more details about these latest devices, users can visit the official website of Apple and get more details regarding the same.

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